Maternity period

Finally, after a long wait, you hold your baby in your arms. Knowing and having knowledge about what is normal for a baby will help you to enjoy this special time more. 


After you’ve had a baby, getting pregnant again can happen faster than you might think. Becoming pregnant again is best when it fits in with you and your new family. However, many of our clients at Ella did not plan to become pregnant. This is the reason why we also offer contraception and information about the different types of contraception.

We have qualified midwifes to prescribe and place various forms of contraception. We can inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of contraception.

The Contraceptive implant (Implanon), IUD string or hormonal coil can be placed a at our practice. Easy and reliable, you don’t need to go to your GP or gynaecologist.
If you have any questions about  Contraception or birth control, ask the midwife or make an appointment at the desk of Ella.
On our Dutch website you find various types of contraception.