Maternity period

Finally, after a long wait, you hold your baby in your arms. Knowing and having knowledge about what is normal for a baby will help you to enjoy this special time more. 

Your Baby

Finally, after a long wait, you hold your baby in your arms. Whether you already have one or more children, or this is your first child, you hope that this is going to be a model child and you a model parent. Unfortunately, it is rare for your baby to behave as you expected or hoped for, the baby will likely take over your life and that of your partner the first three months.
Knowing and having knowledge about what is normal for a baby will help you to enjoy this special time more. That is why Ella offers extra help to expand your knowledge and will give an answer to questions you might have.

Bonding with your baby

Bonding is the intense attachment that develops between parents and their baby. It makes parents want to shower their baby with love and affection and to protect and care for their little one. the strong ties between parents and their child provide the baby's first model for intimate relationships and foster a sense of security and positive self-esteem. And parents' responsiveness to an infant's signals can affect the child's social and cognitive development. The baby wants to be near you, to be comforted when sad, tensed or anxious. If you treat your baby in a consistent manner your behaviour is predictable and your baby will thrive on it.

Ella works with professionals that can help you if you have questions about bonding with, or the behaviour of your baby. If it is difficult for you and your partner to adapt to the new situation, and you have problems we are here to help.

Joriene de Vos: Bonding expert and psychologist

Joriene uses her own experience and work as a psychologist to make parents more aware of what a child needs from a parent. She translates scientific knowledge into the real world of parenthood and investigates the challenges that many parents face. You can consult her through Ella.





Emma Oortgijs, Babycoach

Training for Baby Coach mainly learned me to guide parents and help them to get to know their baby better. That sounds simple, but it sometimes requires a different perspective. We should not only look from the perspective of the parents, but also from the perspective of the child. What would your child tell you if he or she could talk? What does he or she need?
As a Babycoach, I am not here to solve the 'problem', but to teach parents to look at the signals that their child gives, to explain what it needs and to offer guidance on how to respond properly to that.

So if you have questions, problems or insecurities regarding the care or development of your baby? Feel free to contact Ella for an appointment!



Embody: Babymassage course

The ultimate way to bond with your baby is to give it a massage! Baby Massage provides a moment of rest during the day with real "one on one time" between parents and their child. A moment to come together. Loving touch offers security and confidence. Massage, and the interaction between parents and child, is also a reason for babies to develop their verbal and non-verbal communication skills. As a parent you learn to understand this non-verbal communication better so that you can respond (even) better to your child's needs.
Embody is located in our main building at Copernicusplein 14 and provides babymassage courses in English: